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expertshare is a virtual networking platform for hybrid and virtual events. It is convenient as it combines solutions for virtual conferences with live streaming, e-learning, and webinars in one hybrid event platform.

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    Virtual Networking Events​ In 3D

    Build your own 3D environments without coding skills

    3d virtual events platform

    Integrate your own
    livestreaming platform

    Integrate your own livestreaming platform

    Customise your virtual environment with ease

    Customise your Virtual networking Platform environment

    Platform for Hybrid Online Events

    Combine a live event with a virtual one.

    Get the best of both worlds by making your live event a hybrid one – add a virtual component with one of the best hybrid event platforms.

    See a boost to your ROI and sponsorship deals by easily bridging that gap between in-person and virtual experiences with expertshare virtual networking platform.

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    Virtual networking Platform for Hybrid and Virtual events

    Virtual Conference and Webinars software

    Engage your audience, wherever they are.

    With our virtual conference platform, your attendees can join your event from anywhere in the world, using any device.  Add polls, Q&As, live social feed, 3D and make use of our extensive control panels to keep your audience interested, engaging them from start to finish.

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    E-Learning Software Platform

    Share knowledge and build communities.

    Create comprehensive, interactive, and engaging educational content with expertshare e-learning platform. Deliver your content in compelling ways via online lectures, courses, videos, medical training programs (CME) and live streams with one of the best elearning platforms.

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    E-Learning Software Platform
    Online Communication & Virtual Networking events

    Online Community & Virtual Networking events

    Start the conversation

    Foster a sense of community thanks to our online community platform features. Make opportunities for human connection, meeting people where they are, both geographically and mentally. Obtain immediate feedback.

    Engage the audience of your virtual networking events with powerful collaboration features and serve exclusive guests at banking or marketing events.

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    Analytics & Reports

    Real-time event analytics

    Access analytics reports to measure your online event success and impact on ROI. Track key event metrics like engagement, networking, session involvement, etc. to make informed decisions for your next virtual event, including insights for content creation that attendees will value.