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Human capital is often underused or underdeveloped, but it is the single most important asset a company needs to take the next step in growth and innovation. We help firms and institutions tap into this unrecognized potential of their people. We offer an all-in-one e-learning platform and a virtual events platform.

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    E-Learning Software Platform

    Share knowledge and build communities.

    Create comprehensive, interactive, and engaging educational content with expertshare e-learning platform. Deliver your content in compelling ways via online lectures, courses, videos, medical training programs (CME) and live streams with one of the best elearning platforms.

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    E-Learning Software Platform

    Platform for Hybrid Online Events

    Combine a live event with a virtual one.

    Get the best of both worlds by making your live event a hybrid one – add a virtual component with one of the best hybrid event platforms.

    See a boost to your ROI and sponsorship deals by easily bridging that gap between in-person and virtual experiences with expertshare virtual networking platform.

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    Virtual Networking Events​ In 3D

    Build your own 3D environments without coding skills

    3d virtual events platform

    Integrate your own
    livestreaming platform

    Integrate your own livestreaming platform

    Customise your virtual environment with ease

    Customise your Virtual networking Platform environment
    Virtual networking Platform for Hybrid and Virtual events

    Virtual Conference and Webinars software

    Engage your audience, wherever they are.

    With our virtual conference platform, your attendees can join your event from anywhere in the world, using any device.  Add polls, Q&As, live social feed, 3D and make use of our extensive control panels to keep your audience interested, engaging them from start to finish.

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    Online Communication & Virtual Networking events

    Online Community & Virtual Networking events

    Start the conversation

    Foster a sense of community thanks to our online community platform features. Make opportunities for human connection, meeting people where they are, both geographically and mentally. Obtain immediate feedback.

    Engage the audience of your virtual networking events with powerful collaboration features and serve exclusive guests at banking or marketing events.

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    Analytics & Reports

    Real-time course analytics

    Access analytics reports to measure your learning success and impact on ROI. Track key event metrics like engagement, networking, session involvement, etc. to make informed decisions for your next virtual event, including insights for content creation that attendees will value.

    Online events


    We have created our online virtual event software with inter-active features.
    Need a custom feature? Contact us to get it done.

    Analytics & Reports

    One To One & Group Calls

    Live Voting


    Real-time Chat


    Social Media Wall

    Multi Language

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    Application Integration

    We designed our hybrid events platform with adaptability and agility in mind, allowing simple and quick integration with the most popular video communication apps.

    Also for convenience and speed, you can easily login with Single sign-on (SSO) using popular accounts.

    Single sign-on
    Integration Grafic

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    Customer Testimonials

    Director of Studies
    The e-learning platform developed by expertshare is an all-in-one solution and offers state of the art learning methods. It promotes interaction and makes distance learning flexible and convenient. The students of the European Stroke Master highly appreciate having a great platform like this!
    Insel Spital
    Event manager
    expertshare provided us with more than we asked. The platform was easy to use and set up and worked wonderfully. They were also able to accommodate many of our requests for custom features. Overall it was a very successful collaboration.
    World Tourism Forum
    We hosted a virtual event for start-ups in the tourism industry and were very happy with the outcome. expertshare was simple to use and offered good interactivity for our attendees.
    Kevin Schwegler
    Thank you for the close and pleasant collaboration, the on-site support and your flexibility. You helped make our digital customer event a success. The expertshare platform was very well received by our customers.
    ETH Zurich
    Event Manager
    expertshare created a fantastic event platform for our anniversary. Not only was the platform a hit with our participants, the entire service provided to us from the team has been absolutely great. I would highly recommend them.
    Credit Suisse
    Event manager
    We used expertshare for their professional service, and great solutions for our business needs. expertshare was able to provide a robust custom virtual and hybrid event solution for our events.
    WIR Bank
    Event manager
    expertshare and the team provided us with exactly what we wanted, an efficient, tailored service. The virtual event platform itself was very robust, professional and easy to use. We really enjoyed how they handled our event and would definitely use expertshare again.

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    How is the e-learning platform structured?

    Our e-learning platform is divided into several main components that interact seamlessly with each other to provide an effective and user-friendly learning experience:

    • User registration and authentication: This first step allows users to register on the platform and then log in securely. This is where they set their account information and gain access to the learning content.
    • Dashboard and navigation: After logging in, users are taken to their personal dashboard. On the eLearning tab, they will find an overview of their courses, duration, start dates and other relevant information. The intuitive navigation allows them to easily switch between courses and learning materials.
    • Course offerings and learning content: Our platform offers the possibility to dynamically create courses for different topics. Each course is divided into lessons, which can contain different types of learning materials, such as texts, videos, presentations or interactive exercises.
    • Interaction and communication: Users have the possibility to ask questions, have discussions and exchange with other learners in the courses. This promotes collaborative learning and enables participants to benefit from each other.
    • Learning progress and assessment: The platform tracks users’ progress in each course and lesson. Tests and assignments can be integrated into courses to assess learners’ knowledge and skills. Users receive immediate feedback and can track their progress.
    • Certificates and degrees: Upon successful completion of a course, users receive certificates or degrees that they can download. These documents serve as proof of the skills and knowledge acquired.
    • Technical infrastructure: Our e-learning platform is based on modern technologies and is regularly maintained to ensure smooth and secure use. We use powerful servers to ensure fast loading times and a stable connection.

    We hope that this overview has given you an insight into the structure and functions of our e-learning platform. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    What are virtual networking events?

    The concept of networking is often unclear; it conjures up images of meeting rooms filled with people clinging to various ways to engage in meaningful conversations with strangers. In fact, “networking” is just a more elegant way to describe the relationship-building process. Its primary purpose is to create meaningful relationships that bring value to those involved over the long term. It translates into:

    • Create and nurture meaningful professional relationships
    • Share knowledge
    • Keep up to date with industry trends
    • Discuss the content of the event
    • Find new opportunities or discover new talents
    • Collaborate to discover new ideas

    In the world of meetings and events, virtual networking events can be a great way to develop relationships with new suppliers and industry experts: all professionals, therefore who could be excellent contacts for you or your clients during your future planning needs.

    How to host a virtual networking event?

    Involve your customers with an virtual networking event. Here are the key steps to host a winning one:

    1. Choosing the right virtual networking platform for an online event – When the audience becomes virtual, it changes everything you have to think about. For example, the size of the audience will no longer depend on those the venue but on the digital platform you choose to use.
    2. Include and entertain – Being able to intercept users who want to participate in your online networking event means making sure to propose interesting, inclusive content capable of generating a sense of community and interactive participation.
    3. Plan and promote – According to some studies, registrations for an online event tend to increase two to three weeks before the start date. Keep this in mind to plan every detail and bring your promotion strategy to life.
    4. Prevent technical problems – Even if you are not organizing a real “physical” event, this does not mean that there can be no setbacks. Even virtual events can generate small or large technical problems.

    How to promote virtual events?

    Here are some possible actions to better promote your virtual event:

    • Co-hosts the virtual event with another company
    • Create a compelling landing page
    • Sponsor your landing page on Google
    • Promote your virtual event on social media pages
    • Showcase your virtual event on your website with a slide-in CTA
    • Send an e-mail to your contact list
    • Create hype on social media
    • Offer an incentive to those who register for the event
    • Provide your live virtual event as an on-demand resource

    How to make virtual events more engaging?

    Interactive virtual events have become a place where people network, connect with like-minded people and gain knowledge. Including interactivity is certainly an engaging and fun way to add a personalized touch to the event.

    1. Create quizzes and questionnaires: Help your virtual audience get more information on topics and speakers, allowing them to ask and answer questions before, during and after the event.
    2. Encourage voting at virtual events: Engage your audience by creating fun live polls.
    3. Create a fun learning experience: In addition, to live surveys, questionnaires and assessments, it’s always fun to learn through text and picture assignments.
    4. Create memories with the interactive virtual events platform: Why not create souvenirs from the event and entertain your audience even more?
    5. Communication: Enable real-time chat between attendees and organizers.
    6. Networking on interactive or virtual events: Networking is becoming increasingly important for the events industry.
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