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Expertshare is a web-based conference and collaboration platform for virtual events. It combines solutions for e-learning, online conferences, virtual events with livestream and community building in one platform.

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Expertshare was designed and developed as an in-house e-learning platform. The starting point was the consideration that your employees know best what skills and what knowledge is required in the company. In combination with the solutions for virtual events an in-house knowledge network can be created in which the employees impart their specific skills and knowledge to each other.

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  • Platform for the exchange of skills and knowledge development
  • Virtual round table discussions with your employees
  • Live streaming function for your training
  • Create your own learning profile
  • Take notes during your training sessions
  • Live chat during training

Platform for Virtual Events

Based on the solutions for e-learning, we have further developed Expertshare into a digital conference and event platform. Would you like to hold an interactive online conference with livestream? Present your products and services to your customers in an online marketing event? Use the digital event rooms from Expertshare: Virtual events, with your corporate design, for 2 or 20`000 participants.

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  • Integration with your CRM
  • Hybrid events
  • Reporting
  • Live streams
  • Interactive events: Survey, Ask A Question
  • User and role management
  • Corporate Design
  • Event rooms
  • Chat functions
  • Further functions on request

Community Platform and Virtual Events

As a powerful collaboration platform, Expertshare is a natural choice for community building. You can use Expertshare as an in-house platform for your employees, for networking the members of your association or as a community platform for your customers. Conduct virtual events, webinars, training or product presentations on the platform. Create surveys among the participants and communicate interactively with your members / customers. Network your stakeholders according to your wishes and needs.

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  • Corporate Design
  • Network your employees
  • Build networks among your members
  • Present yourself to your customer community
  • Interactivity
  • Ratings and surveys
  • Software integrations as desired
  • Chat functions
  • Chat functions
  • Further functions on request

Exhibition Booth for Virtual Events

Give the sponsors of your virtual event their own space for presentation. With virtual booths your partners can introduce themselves extensively, present their products and services and communicate directly with the participants. Depending on the sponsors’ status, different presentation options can be activated.

  • Presentation of your partners
  • Providing information and contacts via a digital concierge
  • Presentation of products and services
  • Direct communication with the participants
  • Moderated group chat and one-to-one chat
  • Differentiation according to sponsor status

Implement Your Streaming Services

Expertshare was designed to be as adaptable as possible as a development environment. Interfaces for the video communication solutions of Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype as well as to streaming providers such as Youtube are available on Expertshare as standard. Use the strengths of different solutions for virtual events, but without the disadvantages of closed systems such as lack of adaptability and a limited range of functions.

Why Use Expertshare for Virtual Events?


Use our e-learning platform to unlock the unused potential of your most valuable capital – your employees. The aim is to change the learning landscape in your company so that the exchange of knowledge among your employees becomes the norm.

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In the future, use our conference and event platform to conduct virtual events with a high level of interactivity. With hybrid events and livestreams you can reach a larger audience, involve participants from all over the world and save costs and resources.

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Connect your employees, members and customers with our community platform. Promote the exchange among all stakeholders and release unexpected synergy effects.

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