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With nearly 50,000 employees and legacy dating back to 1856,  Credit Suisse is one of the leading global investment banks and financial  services firms, operating in more than 50 countries around the world. 

Championing progress and innovation, Credit Suisse pioneers the Swiss banking model through its vast yet integrated structure, offering comprehensive services for clients in the realms of private banking, investment banking and asset management. 


Credit Suisse needed a global solution, spanning across geographies and groups, for all their virtual and hybrid events to connect financial experts with their international clients. This involved numerous events with a global reach. Most importantly, the solution should incorporate all Credit Suisse’s stringent security requirements and time zones to integrate day long events that spanned all the different continents.


expertshare provided Credit Suisse with an on-premise solution on their highly secured and FINMA approved platform for all their virtual and hybrid events across geographies and groups.

Using the agile methodology and working within tight deadlines, the expertshare team aligned with the Credit Suisse team to create new custom features; to build and train a Global Support Team; and to implement a Global roll-out. Our Customer Success team worked diligently to ensure each of the events met and exceeded expectations. The key to ensuring quick problem resolution was setting up our support chat that monitor throughout the whole duration of the event.


So far, Credit Suisse have mapped 150,000 users in 250 events in 47 countries with 3,500 community messages.  The events ran smoothly and without complications. They were all presented under Credit Suisse’s individual design. The client was happy with the results as their events were all successful, proving that regardless of how ambitious an idea is, expertshare will deliver.

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 For one event, we began at 1 AM in Asia and wrapped up at 11.30 PM in America, with around 400 people joining in to experience what we put together. Every region had its very own sessions, ensuring that everyone had access to the same information.

Martin Brüllhardt

Head of Event Marketing, Credit Suisse

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