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Established in 1934, WIR Bank is a Swiss complementary currency system, issuing and managing a private currency known as the WIR Franc. Additionally, WIR serves individual clients as well as small and medium-size businesses, offering traditional banking services and currently working with nearly 60,000 members.


This fully virtual project was the first time our team took care of the entire production process, with the assistance of Basel-based Oslostudios. As this was a company event for a Swiss client, most guests were locals living in Switzerland. Although these events are something that WIR Bank organises annually, this one was special as it included the client launching their new logo and guidelines, sharing them with their employees for the first time.

They decided to go with our White Label, Easy CI, Streaming, Onsite Support and Analytics features. Additionally, a request was made for us to develop an Online User Count feature allowing the organisers to monitor who participates in which sessions.


Our developers created the Online User Count feature from scratch and made it available to our other clients as part of our extensive offer. A week before the event was meant to take place, testing was performed to ensure everything ran smoothly and any problems were fixed before the launch date.

The event itself ran without issues and our team was available for onsite support throughout its duration to offer immediate help. Thanks to being given a month and a half to prepare, the overall effect was truly pristine.


With around 350 guests joining over 5 hours, the event was fully integrated with WIR Bank’s branding, and we were happy to include changes should the client require anything to look different. With no questions asked, this was yet another success under expertshare’s belt.

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We enjoyed using the expertshare platform. We especially liked the online user count feature which allowed us to monitor who participates in which sessions.

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