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Online Community Platform Software
Powerful community software with networking tools

expertshare allows you to build a user-powered online community platform where people can connect and communicate. Additionally, we provide a number of features that help you better understand your audience and interact with them. Capture feedback and insights with interactive polls, or even organise prize draws to increase engagement. All under your own brand, of course.

Powerful community software with networking tools
Used by thousands of users

Our online networking events platform solutions are used by thousands of users worldwide – a living proof that they work. We facilitate both networking and community management, making sure you can reach internal employees as well as external, paying customers.

Trainings or collaborative solutions – we help you embrace various networking technologies, so you can share your expertise while letting others grow alongside your business. Customise every feature to suit the needs of your brand and accurately convey your message.

Online Community platform for your corporate

A community platform is a virtual space where a number of people meet who have similar goals or interests. They connect and build relationships with each other on such a community platform. This type of platform usually has a leader and community members which have a collaboration with each other. The leader of the community doesn’t just have to be an individual. It can also be a brand, an organization or a company.

An online community platform is not just a local place where people meet but they can be from all over the world. Living in a certain country usually has no influence on being able to become a member or not. In other words: Geographic barriers don’t exist in this scenario. The best platforms, however, also provide a way for their members to meet in real life if there are enough people living close to them.

What community software should you choose?

Community platforms come in many different shapes and forms. Which one you choose depends on your personal motivation and your goals. But the starting conditions of the community leader is definitely the most important aspect because it is a completely different issue if you are starting a community from scratch vs. having thousands of followers and members already that you want to find a nice destination for where they can meet and exchange ideas.

See below what our community platform solutions can do for your business.

Conduct voice/video calls directly with a click
Conduct voice/video calls directly with a click

Network with fellow participants

Network with fellow participants

Contact members easily with our chat system

Contact members easily with our chat system

Create group chats

Create group chats

Simple easy to use interface

Simple easy to use interface


What is an online community platform?

An online community platform is a virtual and social place around a brand, a company, an event, a team, a community, a goal which offers its members the opportunity to interact in private and exclusive way, becoming an active part of a collective united by interest or a purpose common that transcends the virtual community itself.

What Are the Benefits of Online Communities for Businesses?

Having a community linked to your business can bring you several advantages:

  • It represents a direct channel with the people who follow you; it is a closer channel than a simple profile;
  • It is easier to propose new products and services;
  • You can also involve your community in other projects (participation in an event; publication of a book);
  • You can broaden your audience;
  • Are you able to retain your audience;
  • Improve SEO naturally;
  • Improve traffic to your site/business;
  • Get visibility;
  • You can extract and analyze data;
  • You improve your reputation;
  • You will be an industry contact.

What are social communities?

When we talk about social communities, we refer to a set of individuals who interact around a purpose, a shared goal, a common interest and where interactions are supported by social media technology

Users who are part of your group must reflect and share the values and mission of your business.

To put it simply, it is about creating a closer relationship, a more lasting and confidential bond with the people who follow you.

How do you manage online communities?

Within your online community, you can:

  • be more informal;
  • share different aspects of yourself;
  • create a real relationship with your users.

To better manage it:

  • Set rules for what users can and cannot do.
  • The set of rules on the Net is called netiquette and must be accessible for viewing by all members;
  • Establish an editorial plan that takes into consideration the need to involve your community around your business without being too invasive;
  • Insert on the online community platform promotional posts, Q&A sessions with experts, images, memes, infographics and videos;
  • Listen to your users and reply to their comments;
  • Make your users feel part of a group. In this way, they will feel free to interact with each other and exchange opinions and advice related to your business.
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