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Hybrid events online platform – a mixture of a live ‘in-person’ and a virtual event will be common in the near future and are easier to host than you think. They allow you to target and engage a larger audience and are cost-effective. You gain better insights about what is important to your attendees and can incorporate this knowledge next time. expertshare can show you how with the virtual events software.

Connect with your audience wherever with hybrid meetings and events

At home, in an office, at the event venue or even while travelling, expertshare’s hybrid events platform lets you bring your attendees together regardless of their location. You can rely on our web and mobile apps to deliver the experience directly to the right people at the right time with the best virtual conference platform.

Connect with your audience wherever with hybrid meetings and events
Keep your online audience engaged with hybrid events software

Keep your online audience engaged with hybrid events software

Gone are the days of passively listening to someone deliver a lengthy presentation. We let you directly include your audience in the event and create a digital community that forms real-life connections.

With our innovative hybrid meetings and events platform, participants can easily find sessions and interact with each other. You can share pre-recorded videos from speakers as well as user-generated content and pin important updates to the top of the feed, making sure everyone is in the loop about what’s to come.

Make waves with hybrid events high quality video

We make hosting hybrid events simple and effective.

Use your browser to showcase your branding, invite attendees, add polls or go live. Host multi-presenter events, using video software that is familiar to both the organizers and presenters. That’s key to eliminating any tech issues before they happen and making sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

We know it’s all about making an impact, so we let you expand your scope thanks to our streaming cloud and multiple stages. All while ensuring high-level security and confidentiality, courtesy of Swiss data protection and privacy laws. We make our hybrid events platform safe, and we make it exclusive.

Make waves with hybrid events high quality video

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Your hybrid meetings and events strategy

If you are looking for the best hybrid event platform, you can save time and money by combining all the features you need to manage your event into a single virtual event platform. Whether it’s happening on-site, virtually or both, you have all your tools close at hand at all times with expertshare’s hybrid events platform.


What is the meaning of hybrid event?

A hybrid event is a combination of a classic event, in which we meet in person, and a virtual event, that is, between people who meet through virtual spaces (through the internet and web technology).

Characterizing element of hybrid events is the possibility of virtually participating in a “live” event, experiencing the same experience as the physically present participants.

Objective and measure of success: the level of involvement and ability to a network of all participants without distinction, those in the room and those remotely.

How do you run a hybrid event?

The elements for running hybrid events are mainly three: organizers and live speakers, a physical location, and the public connected online.
The solution of hybrid events has the best impact in health terms. Together with the direction, the program is guaranteed by giving the floor to the speakers from time to time, managing the transitions. In contrast, the speakers and the public are connected remotely.

The technology required is quite high, but thanks to our hybrid event software, all limits are overcome together by creating an ad hoc, tailor-made event.

What are the benefits of a hybrid event?

Organizing online events, including hybrid events, has numerous benefits, including:

  • Costs decimated compared to traditional events;
  • More opportunities to hire speakers (even if on the other side of the world);
  • Real-time data regarding the participants, such as to immediately identify possible new trends;
  • Possibility of inserting virtual stands for sponsors and institutional communication;
  • Using artificial intelligence to create networking and entertainment sessions between participants with similar interests;
  • Environmental sustainability in terms of reducing the movement of participants and the impact of the event on the territory.

What equipment is needed for a hybrid meeting?

One of the main reasons for the increase in hybrid events in recent years is the wide availability and use of high-speed Internet connections. Whether on the phone, at home, or in the office, the average citizen currently has the technology to participate in your hybrid meeting.

For your part, your technical list will be a little longer. In addition to cameras, microphones, trained staff, and a good Wi-Fi connection to record and broadcast your event, you will also need a reliable platform to stream your hybrid event.

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