Our e-learning software platform allows you to create full masters programs.

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    Beste Online LMS E-Learing Software Plattform

    Fully fledged E-Learning Platform System solutions

    expertshare allows you to build a powerful fully integrated online courses all the way to creating virtual Bachelor’s & Master’s courses. With a full system from course creation, to student management all the way to creating online test for courses. expertshare allows you to create tasks and curriculum all from our web based platform

    Fully fledged E-Learning Platform System solutions

    Used by thousands of users

    Our e-learning software platform is used by thousands of users worldwide – a living proof that they work. We facilitate both e-learning and e-learning management, making sure you can reach internal employees as well as external, paying customers.

    Trainings or collaborative solutions – we help you embrace various learning technologies, so you can share your expertise while letting others grow alongside your business. Customise every features of our online e-learning software to suit the needs of your brand and accurately convey your message.

    Flexible and collaborative

    In contrast to generic, off-the-shelf e-learning platforms, our focus is on flexibility and collaboration. We can provide you with guidance and support your experience on a long-term basis with one of the best online learning platforms.

    Flexible and collaborative e learning software

    Social Wall

    This is the place were visitors can communicate with eachother and disguss and comment about the topic.


    Be able to see what courses do you get and checkout the description. Track your progress and look in which lessons you succeed.


    Find all the Resources of the courses in the Video Gallery & the document hub. To have acces of the content all the time.

    Analytics & Reports

    Real-time course analytics

    Access analytics reports to measure your learning success and impact on ROI. Track key event metrics like engagement, networking, session involvement, etc. to make informed decisions for your next virtual event, including insights for content creation that attendees will value.

    Online events

    Automatic certfication

    Issue your student with attendance certificates to certifiy they have watched the entire course videos.


    Our e-learning software currently supports English, German and Italian, however we are able to customise to whatever language you may require.



    Educators can create full curriculums usings our e-learning platform. With ability to add courses, video and other lesson materials.

    With our task page view you can see how many students have completed a task, duration of lectures viewed and more.



    Create online quizzes that’s really easy to use. It’s the perfect tool for testing your student’s knowledge and ensuring learner retention.

    This is a great way to support your core message and help your learners better retain information.



    Easily generate online exams for all students. From simple tests to large exams all without installing any tools.

    Create test in collaboration with colleagues using the diverse communication features of our e-learning software platform.


    What is e-learning?

    The term elearning refers to a learning system based on formal education but using digital resources.

    E-learning can also have the meaning of a network that allows the transfer of skills and knowledge, providing a learning opportunity to many users at the same time or at different times.

    Today, when we talk about e-learning, we refer to training through any device. Watching tutorials or courses, reading an interesting article, or answering a questionnaire – all of this is e-learning.

    What are the advantages of online learning?

    E-learning has therefore combined teaching and new technologies by providing clear, precise, and direct training courses that perform the educational, training, and professionalizing function, taking into account the interests and needs of the user who finds himself able to manage the conducting lessons.

    Let’s go down specifically by evaluating the advantages that have made this learning method so famous:

    • It provides flexible and accessible training;
    • Combine the power of the Internet with that of technology;
    • Cancel geographical and temporal distances;
    • Allows you to use the e-learning platform with minimal knowledge;
    • It will enable constant and cultivated learning through the interaction between tutors and students;
    • Offers freedom in time and pace of learning.

    How a company can benefit from eLearning?

    The digitization of teaching favors courses designed for the needs of each company, increasing the potential of employees and the team thanks to personalized and flexible training processes.

    Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, the advantages of e-learning are many:

    • Flexibility: Online lessons and modules can be enjoyed at different times of the working day from any fixed or mobile device.
    • Interactivity: The digital specialization and refresher courses help consolidate teamwork: the involvement offered by lessons in which you feel free and encouraged to participate actively strengthens group dynamics, consequently improving productivity in the company.
    • Modularity: Each online course is divided into modules and lessons, and the learning in pills, or microlearning, involves teaching structured in stages and specific objectives. The achievement of results such as the end of a module or the passing of a quiz entices the participants by making them active protagonists of their training.
    • Personalization: The e-learning training focuses on the specific needs measured on your business project. After analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the collaborators, the best solution is identified in terms of objectives to be achieved, times, and contents to be dealt with.
    • Speed: Online courses arise from the need to automate and speed up employee learning. Thanks to tracking systems and Big data analytics, continuous monitoring of results is ensured and updated in real-time.

    Is E-Learning and online learning the same?

    The term e-Learning refers to the use of multimedia and Internet technologies to improve the quality of learning (with the help of, for example, videos, touch screen technology, online tools).

    Usually, the term is used improperly, assuming that this learning method necessarily defines a training that takes place remotely, that is, with an actual physical distance between teacher and learner. In reality, eLearning can also be used in the classroom, and what defines it is not the distance but the tools used.

    Online learning, on the other hand, is a term strictly and exclusively linked to a type of training in which there is the physical distance between student and teacher for various reasons (logistical, organizational …), but in which technology does not create a training added value, if not that of allowing communication: there is, therefore, no difference between what develops in distance learning and what could be done in the classroom.

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