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With the advancement in technology, the ways to deliver your message have also been simultaneously advancing and expanding. Therefore, professionals all over the world prefer hybrid events to convey their ideas to their audience. Hybrid events allow you to interact with your audience through a virtual medium. But, as mentioned before too, the world has been advancing, and so does the number of platforms providing the facilities to run your hybrid event. But there’s a question that arises: “What are the best hybrid event platforms?” We will be honest with you that searching for the right hybrid events platform is almost equivalent to searching for a needle in a hay stack, considering the number of options. And here we offer you our services as we have narrowed down this search. In this regard, we are naming some of the best hybrid event platforms in our article today. Read this article till the end to get the most out of it.

10 Must-Try Best Hybrid Event Platforms In 2022

When you are dealing with professional matters, you always prioritize the smooth flow of your work. With that being said, you have to search out for those hybrid event platforms that guarantee or at least assure you  a smooth streaming of your live video. We have crafted this article in such a way that you can be familiarized with the best-rated and reviewed platforms. Now, let’s have a look at what we think are the best hybrid event platforms:

1. Expertshare

Expertshare - best hybrid events platform

expertshare is the best hybrid events platform for online events. It is convenient for the user as it combines solutions for online conferences with live streaming, e-learning, and networking in one hybrid events platform and gives you a very interactive experience. It has its own pros and cons; let’s discuss them below:


  • It gives the facility of 3D Modelling Integration
  • Data architecture for regulated enterprises
  • They guarantee you high-level Security and end-to-end encrypted live streams
  • It is the only hybrid event platform that combines E-Learning with Virtual Events
  • It ensures the Interactive Attendee Options & Networking which also includes deep insight of attendees.
  • It provides you with multi-language and multi-time zone functionality, which eventually makes it user-friendly.


  • There is no native version of this platform.
  • The subscription prices are higher compared to other hybrid event platforms.

2. Communiqué Conferencing

Communique Conferencing

Now, we have communiqué conferencing. It was launched in 2001, and as of 2022, it has an excellent rating of 4.5 stars. You’re probably wondering about the reason we have mentioned it here and especially at the top of our list. There are multiple pros of this platform. Let’s have a look.


  • It’s an all-in-one webinar platform through which you can organize virtual meetings, conferences, and events.
  • The professional tech team helps you out whenever you need it. They help you create the right tech stack to meet all of your virtual & hybrid event goals.
  • The tech team helps you with industry benchmarks and the data infrastructure.
  • They are fully committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our information systems and your data.
  • They have invested a high proportion of their income in security to ensure that they exceed industry standards, applicable regulations, and your expectations.


  • No cons to this platform

3. Accelevents


Accelevents has an extraordinary rating of about 5 stars on SOURCEFORGE and multiple factors have elevated this hybrid platform to that level. You can organize a customized event through this platform. Interesting right? Let’s have a look at the other interesting pros of this platform:


  • It allows you to design a stand-out digital even environment that you can customize according to your brand.
  • You don’t even need the codes to send out to your audience for joining purposes.
  • It has an interesting Ticketing & Registering concept. You can sell tickets for your hybrid events, register attendees, and segment your audiences within minutes.
  • Allows you to increase your revenue by delivering enhanced and measurable value to exhibitors and sponsors.
  • This platform gives you other facilities like Gamification, Group & 1:1 Networking, and high Security.


  • High subscription prices

4. SpotMe Anywhere


We have another extraordinary platform to tell you about, SpotMe Anywhere. It also has an immaculate rating of about 4.5 stars on SOURCEFORGE; let’s find out the reasons behind it.


  • It provides you with a marketplace through which you can easily build end-to-end digital experiences that fit all your needs.
  • Their tech teams are active 24/7 and give you a response within 5 minutes.
  • Many multinational countries have been using this platform as they consider it reliable.
  • It gives you stand-out options like Q&A, Applause, Live polling, Video breakout rooms, or one-to-one meetings.
  • It provides you with data about every attendee like who attended, for how long, and how they engaged with your event.


  • Limited live broadcasting and breakout session functionality
  • High prices
  • No complete analytics about the attendees
  • Backstage could be clearer to navigate for admins
  • It doesn’t give you full permission to edit the registration page.

5. Hopin


Let’s have a look at another hybrid event platform, Hopin. This platform has a rating of about 4.5 on SOURCEFORGE and about 13 positive reviews on that third-party website alone. It has many pros; let’s explore them.


  • Hopin allows you to create immersive virtual, hybrid, and in-person event experiences for your audience, irrespective of your location.
  • This platform helps you in producing professional, reliable streams, easily leveraging StreamYard’s innovative broadcast studio.
  • You can promote your event with customized and user-friendly landing pages designed to drive registrations and ticket sales.
  • It allows you to efficiently set up in-person events with all the best and easy-to-use tools.
  • You can optimize your personal experience of this platform with best-in-class capabilities like badge printing and lead retrieval.


  • It’s expensive
  • The audio and video quality can be lacking in quality in breakout rooms
  • No virtual backgrounds capability
  • It doesn’t give you full accessibility on all devices or browsers.
  • You get limited white-labeling and on-demand capabilities.

6. BroadcastMed Digitell

BroadcastMed Digitell

Digitell claims that they are a Solution for Every Event Strategy and for sure, they have got their right reasons to make such a bold statement. Digitell is an award-winning hybrid event platform, something which enhances and boosts the credibility of such a platform. This platform assembles and conveys a large number of virtual and hybrid events, online classes, and on-request instructive meetings.


  • The Digitell platform is a vigorous, adjustable platform intended to address the issues of affiliation, corporate, government, and for-benefit occasion coordinators.
  • The accomplished hybrid and virtual events group will work with you to create your event and flawlessly associate your worldwide crowd with the adaptable and customized platform.
  • Easy to use and versatile, this foundation makes an unrivaled encounter for your audience every time you decide to use it.


  • It is quite expensive compared to other platforms.

7. Canapii 


Another 5-star-rated with numerous positive reviews over the internet, Canapii holds a strong position in the world of hybrid events platforms. It’s your digital solution for all types of virtual events, conferences, and meetings.


  • It provides you with an interference through which you can create engaging and interactive events and help you streamline your event more efficiently than ever.
  • It provides you with detailed insights into the event’s performance.
  • They prioritize your event success over anything; therefore, their tech team is always active to help you out when needed.
  • Leading multinational brands have left positive reviews about their experience with Canapii.


  • Sometimes it takes too long to even start transmission or playback.
  • Messages about incompatible browsers or drivers also appeared
  • You also need to invest some time to figure out how it works

8. Samaaro


You can start on Samaaro by creating a free showcase booth, and you can have a free ride on this platform as it also offers a free tour to their new customers.


  • Big brands like Huawei, google HSB and Deloitte are some of the loyal users of Samaaro.
  • It also helps in the virtual launch of well-known brands and events like the Garnier Men Product Launch, ILD Radiology, PPGAP, and many more.
  • It gives you exceptional options like Immersive 3D spaces, End-to-end Customization, Unify Virtual & In-person Events, trade shows, exhibitions, and many more.


  • No cons

9. vFairs


When we tell you that brands like P&G, Unilever, Nestle, and T-Mobile have used the vFairs platform, you can get an idea of the credibility of the platform. It’s the top-rated hybrid event platform on websites like G2 and Capterra.


  • vFairs claims to expertly manage your physical events and elevate attendee experience with their experienced tech team and vFairs in-person events technology.
  • It provides you with robust features, end-to-end project support, and a global reach for every type of online event that you may want to organize.
  • Other features like the Q&A section, polls, and many more that this platform provides you with during your webinar, help you to be more interactive during the live stream.
  • The immersive virtual environment set by vFairs makes your audience feel like they are at a physical venue and having a conversation with you in a face-to-face setting.
  • It also has a distinctive feature like a matchmaker and allows you to have all the relevant information about the event attendees.


  • High prices
  • Complex to operate for event organizers
  • It’s not preferred for academic conferences
  • Concurrent live sessions can be problematic.

10. Airmeet


Another efficient hybrid event platform entrusted by multiple multinational brands, Airmeet, is one of the platforms that you must try. Considering its stand-out features, let’s have a look at the pros and cons.


  • Airmeet allows you to access an event, meeting, or conference from anywhere. Therefore, it allows the attendees to have a very interactive experience.
  • Another feature of this platform is that it helps your event sponsors and exhibitors stand out and drive their connect rates by 3X.
  • You can contact your favorite apps with this platform, and even If you are an attendee, you can increase your ROI by being the most interactive out of all fellow attendees.
  • Airmeet ensures high support from their tech teams to make sure everything is running smoothly in the backend. Even if you feel like you need some help at unusual times, they provide you with a 24/7 service.


  • Lack of support/communication from the vendor
  • It doesn’t work on mobile & other compatibility problems.
  • There can be occasional technical challenges in the social lounge, especially with audio dropping, that produce a negative experience for some users.

Final Thoughts:

We have now come to the conclusion of this article. All of the above-mentioned platforms are distinctive in their own way. Most of them use features that are unique and make them stand out in the market. But one thing that is common in almost all of them is their support by the tech teams and their guarantee of security during an online event. And another factor that we get to see in all of these above-mentioned platforms is that they all compete to provide you with the most interactive event, meeting, or conference.

In order to increase the interactivity between the attendees and the host, they all come up with interesting features and tools like live questioning and live polls, etc. Therefore, you should choose the event platform that is the best hybrid events platform for you personally. One that gives you the highest level of interactivity with the audience like expertshare. You should also have information about the attendees of your event. That’s how you will be able to measure the success of your event.

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