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The Stroke Center at the University Hospital of Bern, in close collaboration with the European Stroke Organisation (ESO), has developed the European Stroke Master Programme to train the next generation of physicians and researchers in stroke care. In close collaboration with the Stroke Center and the University of Bern, the expertshare team expanded the in-house e-learning platform to implement the visionary concept of an online Master’s programme in Stroke Medicine.


The challenges faced by the expertshare team were diverse and demanding: implementing a flexible learning environment, tracking student progress, testing acquired knowledge through interactive tests and automatic certification upon successful completion with the acquisition of ECTS credits. These challenges required a customised solution that extended and deepened our existing e-learning system.

Another concern was to create an online platform where international students could connect, interact and deepen their education. In addition, the link between the on-site classroom training and the online training was a significant challenge. The aim was to achieve a seamless integration of both forms of teaching in order to provide students with a holistic and coherent learning experience.


At the heart of this project was the expansion of our e-learning platform expertshare to meet the specialised requirements of the Master’s programme. According to the specifications of the academic experts, the platform was carefully adapted to provide an engaging and comprehensive learning experience.

Crucial to this was the development of state-of-the-art tools that enabled seamless course creation. The design involved the creation of 15 modules that contained over 200 video courses in total. In the courses, not only can students’ progress be tracked, but their knowledge can also be assessed through interactive quizzes and assignments. Upon successful completion of the course material, students are automatically certified, optimising the learning process and reducing the administrative burden.

A particularly noteworthy aspect of the solution was its flexibility. Taking into account the different needs of learners, the Master’s programme can be completed at the student’s own pace within a defined timeframe. Our e-learning platform ensures that participants can access high-quality educational content anytime, anywhere, without sacrificing academic quality.


When the Stroke Center approached us with the idea of creating an online master’s degree programme, we recognised the immense potential of the project. The results of the comprehensive solution are impressive. The unique combination of flexibility, interactivity and expert guidance met with a great response from potential students. All available places were quickly filled, leading to the creation of waiting lists due to high demand. Participants from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations were equipped with the skills and knowledge to address the complex challenges of stroke medicine. Which ultimately leads to improved patient care.

The Stroke Master not only offers high-quality teaching content, but also a close-knit community for international students. The challenges of online interaction and building an online community have been successfully overcome, resulting in an enriching exchange of knowledge and experiences.

The link between face-to-face and online training was skilfully implemented, allowing students to benefit from both educational formats. This creates a holistic learning experience that combines the benefits of both worlds while providing a smooth educational experience for participants.

In summary, the success of this transformative project confirms the quality of education offered by the University of Bern and expertshare’s ability to develop innovative educational solutions.









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Customer Testimonial: Inselspital

The e-learning platform developed by expertshare is an all-in-one solution and offers state of the art learning methods. It promotes interaction and makes distance learning flexible and convenient. The students of the European Stroke Master highly appreciate having a great platform like this!

MSc ETH, David Tanner

Director of Studies

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