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A virtual online event enables you to have an event that takes place in virtual space. Virtual online events are an integral and important part of modern companies. Because they bring you a lot of advantages, such as additional sales, improvement of company culture, strengthening of team cohesion as well as customer conversion and retention. In this article you will learn what an online event is, what they bring you, what types of online events there are and how you can organize one.

What are online virtual events

Virtual events allow presence events to be held online. With the right software, participants can connect and communicate with each other. This means that they can see each other, talk, comment and share their screen with other participants. These online events can be easily attended from home, office or public places. For this, the participants only need a participant link, with which they can participate in the event.

The advantages of virtual online events

The advantages of virtual online events

In the era of digitalization, a large proportion of activities getting shifted to the internet. Companies in digital industries have long relied on online events because they want to take advantage of their added value. There are several key benefits associated with online events, which we will discuss below:

Unlimited reach: Online events do not require travel, and thus can be joined from anywhere in the world. This allows many participants to join international conferences/events. Participants require a good internet access and an internet enabled device. Especially for events in the international area, this easy access offers easier communication for companies.

Cheaper for organizers: In virtual events many costs, which are common in presence events, are omitted. Expenses such as finding and booking the right location, travel of speakers or special guests, accommodation and catering services are no longer additional costs for companies.

Cost-saving for guests: Digital events are also cheaper for participants. This is because they enable them to avoid having to book flights, train tickets or hotel rooms. Guests can invest this travel time in other ways, such as a longer event. In addition, the costs for virtual events are usually cheaper, due to lower fixed costs for the organizers.

Individual design: Thanks to different backgrounds in the software, the appropriate atmosphere can be created. This allows the presentation to be designed in an attractive environment. Thus, organizers can present their online events in a pleasant atmosphere that makes the customer feel comfortable during the event. The advantage of this is that it leaves a lasting impression of the event on the participants.

Flexible organization: Locations have to be booked well in advance in order to organize a presence event. Virtual events do not need such circumstances. The only thing guests require is a free period of time in which they can join the event. These times can be set a few months in advance or a few hours before the event if it is a more short term event.

Security in pandemic times: The ability to host online events allow companies to count on security. They protect their company from having to cancel the event at short notice and having to pay for all costs because participants cannot join the event.

The different types of online events

With the help of new software and further developed tools as well as new ones, almost any type of event can be moved to the digital space. The most used formats of online events are:

Online meetings

The simplest and most well-known type of digital event is the meeting. For many employees in the home office and remote teams, video calls are already standard in many companies. Mostly in these meetings, small groups discuss various topics and talk about their current challenges.

Digital workshops & training courses

Online workshops, webinars and training courses have been an alternative to in-person offers for years. The flexibility of location and time is what makes this format so popular. With digital workshops, companies are as flexible as possible, as they can be offered at any time and anywhere. These advantages can be put to good use if certain knowledge on a certain topic has to be conveyed to employees on a regular basis.

Virtual team building events

Team building relies on the shared experience. To cope with tasks in a team, to compete with each other or to get to know each other from the private side in a relaxed atmosphere. This can, but does not have to, happen in person. Thanks to virtual experiences, these can easily take place online.

Online conferences

In online conferences, there is a fixed schedule in which different speakers give lectures or workshops on different topics. With the help of video calls and presentations, conferences can easily take place purely digitally.

Virtual fairs

Trade fairs are an important part of branding for companies. An impressive presentation communicates tangible information in a closer relationship, directly with the customer. This exchange enables new business contacts to arise between companies or company customers.

What is needed for a virtual online event

The requirements for online events are fundamentally different from present events. Here the focus is more on what it takes to host an online event in which participants can join. The main points for this are:

Functioning Internet

The basic requirement to run online events, but also to participate in them, is an Internet connection that ensures a trouble-free transmission of images and sound.


In addition to a laptop and monitors, good video equipment such as good cameras and professional microphones are an important component. Especially for formal events or conferences and workshops on a larger scale, this is indispensable. The demands on the streaming equipment depend on the presenting format and the target group of the event.


Depending on the event format, the appropriate software must be used for the event. It is essential that the software meets all the requirements of the event. For example, if different participants are to present or if the group is to be divided into different smaller groups, the software must be individually adaptable. For every event need, there are solutions that the right provider can provide.

The differences between presence event and virtual online event

The differences between presence event and virtual online event

The similarities between an online virtual event and a live event can be clearly seen in a few points. The most important of these are:

• Virtual online events can be flexible and independent of location. In this way, participants from other cities or countries can visit the event without much effort and without additional costs for travel and accommodation. Live events, on the other hand, are always location-specific and less flexible for participants and companies to plan.

• The costs of virtual online events are much cheaper because everything takes place via one software. In the case of physical events, there are still typical event costs such as renting premises, catering, and security personnel. The costs for the event technology are also much higher in most cases.

• In virtual online events, there is not so much focus on networking. Although technology makes it very easy to connect with new people from all over the world, this aspect is not used very often. The software makes it easy to create 1 to 1 rooms where new potential business partners or customers can meet. So far, there has been more networking with new people at live events.

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