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Best LMS for Healthcare

A learning management system for healthcare is useless if it fails to provide your healthcare organization the adaptability it needs to train employees for the post-pandemic era. The problem with most healthcare LMS is that they offer generic answers to the unique challenges you face as a forward-thinking organization.

Contrariwise, the most effective learning management systems for healthcare are flexible enough to meet your changing requirements. Also, it should be a platform that humanizes digital processes through live and interactive events in online education. It needs to be a hybrid or cross-platform application that is as user-friendly as a conventional classroom.

Expertshare, the industry-leading LMS for healthcare, now provides an innovative hybrid solution to help you transform your organization’s operations and staff training without sacrificing the patient quality of care. With this system, your team will be empowered to build modules for the medical staff without disrupting their workflow. Expertshare’s versatility boosts users’ knowledge and output equally. Request a demo to see how we can help your organization.

Expertshare Healthcare LMS Solutions

Since its inception, Expertshare has grown to become the industry-standard healthcare LMS. The platform’s most valuable features are the software’s accessibility and ease of use. You don’t have to understand the underlying technical ideas and methods to use Expertshare in your company.

Using this service, healthcare business owners can provide their staff with regular training sessions, certification, and ongoing education. This is necessary to keep up with rapidly evolving technologies and business practices while complying with new regulations in the healthcare industry.

Expertshare, in a nutshell, serves as a condensed training program for all of your healthcare workers and educators. Like a traditional educational setting, it begins with a theoretical review of the course material, followed by exercises designed to put that material into practice. The e-learning platform also includes a testing component.

The leading healthcare LMS follows a similar concept, making a learning platform readily available and user-friendly to anybody with interest. Using the best LMS for healthcare for training purposes improves performance in the long run while providing a comprehensive solution for e-learning in healthcare. You need to fully understand what sets Expertshare apart from other learning management systems for healthcare and how its unique features compensate for the flaws of others.

How Expertshare Transforms Healthcare Innovation

Many innovations have been made in the recent decade to improve the quality of life for people worldwide. The Telemedicine System is a one-of-a-kind robot that helps those who aren’t getting the attention they need during their visits by keeping track of their medical records and vitals. The MelaFind optical scanner is one example of a recent advancement that aids doctors in making the call to do invasive biopsies.

These are only two of the dozens of new technologies appearing daily in the medical field. Your healthcare providers will not be able to provide top-notch treatment to their patients unless they are adequately trained to use these innovative new tools. The problem is that their daily schedules are always busy, leaving them little time to learn about these new developments elsewhere.

Expertshare, as the best LMS for healthcare, can aid in instructing your medical staff on the proper use of cutting-edge in-house technology. Your medical team will be able to continually improve their skills without having to waste time away from the office.

Healthcare businesses like yours value employee education because it helps them provide better patient care, adapt to organizational changes, and meet patients’ expectations. You understand that the entire organization benefits when employees take healthcare courses on the Expertshare learning management system for healthcare.

Expertshare Unique Features and Benefits

  • All LMS healthcare training reduces the time, money, and effort spent traveling to and participating in the in-person training. However, the Expertshare system allows multiple employees to be trained at once, which is unavailable on many healthcare LMS platforms. This is particularly helpful for healthcare institutions that accommodate different shift schedules.


  • Trainers can organize training procedures anywhere and at any time with the help of Expertshare. Due to the dynamic nature of their work, doctors hardly have time to learn from the conventional classroom setting. Therefore, Expertshare provides them the platform to complete their education and training programs, either independently or with the help of a mentor.


  • Expertshare LMS for healthcare provides information in line with current market needs. Healthcare professionals are accountable for the well-being of the people they serve daily, and as a result, they must continuously acquire new knowledge to provide high-quality treatment. Using an Expertshare LMS, you may create courses that can easily be modified to reflect the ever-evolving needs of your field.


  • Copybooks, learning tables, maps, and posters are all examples of classic teaching resources found on Expertshare and are sure to be appreciated by both teachers and students. The platform gives students access to information through videos, links, PDFs, and other study materials. This boosts participation and accessibility by keeping all information in one place with easy accessibility to all users.


  • Expertshare lets you design LMS healthcare training programs tailored to your organization’s needs and goals. In addition, you can modify the already-existing materials to suit your needs, thereby raising the expertise of your staff.


  • The platform’s advanced tracking features provide the most detailed information on how well your staff has learned. Users can monitor their progress with each course on the platform seamlessly.


  • Expertshare allows you to host multiple sorts of events and training efficiently. In turn, workers can acquire information in a manner most conducive to their learning styles.


  • Appoint and register employees for LMS healthcare training courses based on a thorough understanding of each worker’s strengths and weaknesses.


  • With Expertshare, implementing a learning management system for healthcare couldn’t be simpler. You don’t have to be technologically savvy to use the platform. It’s user-friendly and requires no training to master.


  • Expertshare lets you leverage the knowledge you and your organization have previously amassed; making the material into instructional modules is a simple solution.

What sets Expertshare Apart as the Best Healthcare LMS?

Expertshare’s functionality is the total of the capabilities that have made it the go-to e-learning platform in the healthcare sector. Here we’ll go over the fundamentals of the Expertshare LMS:

  • Social Wall
    Expertshare is unique among e-learning platforms in that it encourages participants to engage with one another in real time by sharing videos, comments, and other media related to the course material. The use of emojis and a direct reply feature for other users make the Expertshare e-learning system feel more personal.
    Pinning forthcoming events on the social wall is a great way to keep your healthcare staff informed and engaged. Expertshare is a helpful resource for medical facilities worldwide as it displays its e-learning courses and live events in various languages.


  • Message
    With this functionality, your patients can have one-on-one conversations about any issue they’re experiencing in your healthcare facilities. One of its features is the ability for students and teachers to have one-on-one discussions in certain classes. Users are not limited to one-on-one chats; they can form study groups specific to their courses and engage in conversations as if they were in a physical classroom. As a bonus, this function shows users’ online status and who might be available for project collaboration or live chat.


  • E-learning
    The courses offered by your organization’s LMS healthcare academy at any given time are listed on the platform. All the information your medical staff will need to make the most of the opportunity to further their education is laid out for them, from course speakers and dates to module descriptions and required readings. Thanks to this functionality, users can monitor their progress in real-time. Additionally, they can start interesting dialogues with other students by commenting on posts made under specific courses. The course materials also include answers to frequently asked questions to assist students in grasping the material and gaining new perspectives. The e-learning component of Expertshare also lets you administer exams or create quizzes for each lesson.


  • Live Events
    This function combines e-learning with live event attendance. Live events can be organized with Expertshare as part of the required work for completing course modules. By combining online and in-person instruction, this method provides hands-on experience to students and fosters student-teacher interactions.


  • Document Hub
    Document hub presents a library of resources in various forms, including videos, PDFs, and others, for your Expertshare’s healthcare academy LMS. Students can save these materials to their devices and read them at leisure. Moreover, they can also tag their teacher in a comment or inquire about a shared document on Expertshare.


  • Video Library
    This feature offers supplementary video resources to keep healthcare professionals up-to-date on particular concerns and technologies. Expertshare, the best learning management system for a healthcare facility, prioritizes showing the most popular videos, but users can browse to find content that meets their specific needs.


  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    This section provides detailed responses to frequently asked questions about Expertshare. It elucidates frequent concerns while enabling users to make targeted support requests.


  • Speakers and Attendees
    Expertshare lists the instructors and students enrolled in a class together or a virtual event. With this functionality, users can check the profiles of healthcare professionals they have chosen to contact and send them direct messages. They can also connect these professionals via their connected social media accounts.


  • Question Board
    Use the Question Board, and the Live Events function for the best results. The four-column format gives users and attendees of live events a place to voice concerns or ask questions about the show. Moderator approval is indicated in the second column; rejection is indicated in the third if the query does not appear appropriate. The fourth column carries the responses to the questions.
    Besides, the question board function allows users to save or export the questions and answers from a live event as an Excel document.

Partner with Expertshare, the best LMS for Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, the consequences of insufficient training could be catastrophic. Fortunately, it’s not too hard to develop and manage healthcare learning and training programs and fulfill your organization’s needs with the best healthcare learning management system, such as Expertshare, in your arsenal. Increased employee engagement, capacity, and contentment will positively affect the efficiency and operation of your healthcare establishment. Unlike other healthcare learning management system platforms, Expertshare prioritizes efficiency informed by adequate and incremental education.

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