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Pharmaceutical industry conferences, internal communications, and training events are effective in providing a virtual platform and pharma event app to the industry. They bring together colleagues or individuals who are not based in the same location.

Product launches are typical virtual pharmaceutical industry events. If you need to communicate information to a large and diverse audience, going virtual saves time and money.  It also more collaborative and engaging when done correctly. Just make sure that you have the right kind of pharma event app which has all the features you need.

The pillars of an event management app

The pillars of an event management app

1) Centralization

A single event software to centralize all your data. No need to use a plethora of tools: you don’t have to create new accounts and spend time navigating from one tool to another. You reduce training time by a factor of 5, time that you can now spend on creating value.

2) Automation

A complete and powerful infrastructure to save time intelligently. For 50 events per year, using an event management platform or app saves almost 175 hours per year, or just over 7 days! Program your invitation campaigns, whether by email or SMS, collect data in a single entry point, automatically manage the validation process of your event budget.

3) Personalization

A smart interface to personalize your attendees’ experience but also your event management experience. From an event management platform to guest satisfaction, there is only one step. With an event app software, you can create a custom event, with your image and colors, accompany participants in their relationship with your brand and your event, analyze with relevance all the data you have collected.

How do Virtual Conferences Differ from In-Person Events?

A virtual conference or training session includes the features of a physical event. Examples include live content in a branded auditorium and, the opportunity to ask questions. Conferences have also expanded their capabilities to engage and interact with attendees. Interaction can be created through live, audio, and video chat, as well as online networking booths.

Analytics are a key advantage of virtually delivering pharmaceutical industry events. Analytics include anything from the number of questions asked to the number of times an attendee has revisited the content.

Examples of where expertshare can be used:

Investor Meetings Advisory Key Opinion Leader
World Congress/ Convention Speaker Training Annual Shareholders Meetings
Product Launch Educational Dinner Meetings Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Hybrid meetings provide the most effective means of communication and learning exchange. expertshare has experience with a variety of virtual and hybrid meetings. We can custom-tailor a pharma event app to meet your unique needs. We are the ideal partner to assist you in delivering an effective, informative program to all attendees. This is thanks to our comprehensive understanding of presentation expectations.

Why do you need a pharma event app?

You always need to ensure a seamless flow of information during a pharmaceutical conference of seminar. Our real time agenda allows attendees to create their own agenda and event calendar. Even if there are sudden changes, all guests will be updated automatically. And urgent notices can even be transferred via a push message.

Moreover, you can provide your audience with all the extra materials that are being shared during such a conference, like documents, photos, videos, presentations etc. If you’re sharing knowledge, this makes it really easy for the guests to just follow the presentations without them having to hunt down the place where they can get e.g. the link for the videos or photos being shared on stage.

Your audience will have a constant access to all the teaching materials during and long after the event. Scientific content is valuable and we know how important it is for your audience to have access to it. That is why we gather and store all the files right in the app. Contact us if you want to know more about how an event app can help you with your own events.

Why a mobile app at my event?

A study conducted by Goldman Sachs showed that over 75% of the world’s population owns a smartphone and that number is only growing. Despite the exceptions that prove the rule (yes, there are some!), the majority of your guests are comfortable with the concept of mobile apps and their use.

As a pharma event organizer, you are probably already fond of the packages that allow you to create a website dedicated to your event. You can thus indicate all the necessary information such as the place where the event will take place, the schedule and all useful practical information.

You can also put the program of your event, as well as the profile of the speakers who will speak for example. If you are really up to date with technology, your guests can also register directly on your site. However, if this is not yet the case, we invite you to contact us so that we can present you our solution!

By using a mobile application during your event, all these options are available on smartphones and optimized to the format of your device. The advantages are numerous…

Advantages of using a pharma event app

Very easy to use

Mobile applications have the advantage of being formatted for much smaller screens, so their use must be simplified compared to a classic computer navigation. The goal is to make your participants’ experience as easy as possible. A 2 year old could use it!

Centralization of all information

The mobile application of your event must be the reflection of your website. That’s why all the information available online from a computer is also available on a smartphone. Only the navigation is different.

A real time update

Same positive point as on a computer, a mobile application can be updated at any time. The latest information is therefore available to your guests. They can follow their personalized agenda and know what time the next workshop starts!

Accessible anywhere and anytime

The big bonus of a mobile event application is its accessibility. You always have your mobile with you, right? Well, by having your phone with you, you also have your mobile application and therefore the information about your event. It is also convenient to communicate with your guests, thanks to a push notification system for example.

An important statistical follow-up

In the same way that you can follow the performance of your website, the mobile application allows a detailed statistical follow-up. You will know what worked well and what needs to be improved in your next application: number of connections, services used, engagement rate!

Maximum interactivity

A memorable event is an event during which you have had a unique experience. And this unique experience is above all about creating links. An application can help you in this sense.

The webapp

A webapp is a mobile application accessible and executable through a cell phone Internet browser. It is not hosted on the phone directly but is accessible through a web address. In this sense, a webapp does not require a publication on the stores. The customization of your application according to the charter of your event is of course always possible. A real gain of time and freedom for you!

The native application

If you prefer your event to have its own dedicated native application, it is also possible. The participant will then have to go to the stores to download and host it, but it will be at his fingertips at all times! Available on Android and iOS, your native app is easily downloadable by your guests and works on all types of devices.

A plethora of features in your app

Information sharing

The participant has access to his personalized agenda with automatic alerts according to his registration to certain sessions. They can also find practical information, an access map to the event location, contact information…

They can also download files (speakers’ presentations for example!) in the language of their choice.


Participants have access to the directory of all participants, can exchange in real time and even book meetings.


Creating memories is often a priority during events. Your attendees will be able to take pictures from the mobile application, share them on the event news feed and react to other attendees’ snapshots.

Highlighting partners

In a few clicks, you can create a page dedicated to each of your partners or speakers, linked to their social networks or website.


Because creating a link between participants is a major stake of your event, you should try out these fun and interactive features:

  • Votes
  • Quiz
  • Questions / answers
  • Chat
  • Word clouds

All this with live broadcasting to wow your attendees! Through a moderation platform, you can choose which activities are open or not. For example, participants will not have access to your word cloud before the workshop.

Need a pharma event app? Get in touch!

If you have any questions regarding the customization of your event’s mobile application, its handling or its deployment to your guests, our team of experts is at your disposal to answer your requests, whether they are technical or not. Efficiency is our keyword! Just contact us.

Mobile applications are particularly intuitive and create the little extra that makes the difference. And a pharma event app is great ally to make you stand out! In short, choosing a mobile application for your event means peace of mind thanks to its ease of creation, but above all, it allows you to keep a link with and between your participants, before and after your pharma event. Isn’t it the wish of every organizer?

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